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December 21st, 2006

defiantfist @ 11:06 am: Character Background - First draft
Howdy all, I just thought i'd throw this up here since it's always good to get critiques on your work. This is a character background for a Mage game i'm currently apart of. We played the game "quick start" so I didn't really have a chance to formulate a background for him then so i'm doing that now. Please have a read, and be warned it does get a bit violent and macabre.

Hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to comment as you will.

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August 13th, 2006

pockettheroach @ 12:41 am: Hello! I'm currently running a V:tM tabletop game and...well, my players have been asking for creepy supernatural thingies...

I had already planned to throw some Inquisition members at them (both Society of Leopold and Judges factions), and I thought it would be fun to throw a mage in there as a nice running antagonist. However...it's been about three years since I played Mage, I've only played it in LARP, and I can't even locate my LARP books.

So basically, I'm looking for some rote ideas. I haven't yet decided on a tradition, mostly because this particular NPC does not yet realize he's a mage proper, though he is Awakened; rather, he looks at what he can do as an amazing gift in the way of hunter Numinae. (If I were to assign him a tradition, it would more than likely be the Hermetics, but that's always debatable.) His rotes would likely be highly religious; he's part of the Judges faction, where even if he realized he was a mage he'd be borderline acceptable anyway, so I want to give his magic a Qabbalistic/ceremonial bent. If anyone's got any ideas for rotes (I don't want to go above level 3 spheres, don't want to kill my fragile little vampire players) or talismans, please throw them my way...

July 13th, 2006

a_strange_day_ @ 03:11 pm: So say an Akashic wants to use Forces 2 to increase the kinetic force behind her punch to do more damage. Would this require her to split her dice pool to do 1)The effect and then 2)The punch, or would it be part of the same action?



April 28th, 2006

a_strange_day_ @ 05:07 am: I ask more silly questions about the Umbra!
Alright, so from what I have gathered, the Umbral "space" within the Horizon is considered the Penumbra, and anything past that is considered the Deep Umbra. What I kind of don't get is the Umbra/Space connection. Anything outside of the atmosphere is going to be like space, but on Earth it's going to be the sort of conceptualized mirror image. So let's say you are an Etherite and you fly your rocket to Venus and then come back to Earth. Obviously, you would have to "step sideways" to get out to the Umbra, but when you landed back on Earth, would you still be in the Penumbra? Would you be back on regular ol' Earth, or would you still be in the Penumbra and have to step sideways back over? Does the idea of a Penumbra on Earth even make sense at all for a scientific(especially Technocratic) paradigm?

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April 6th, 2006

a_strange_day_ @ 12:44 pm: Silly rules question.
Alright, with Spirit 2, you are able to reach through the Gauntlet to affect something in the Near Umbra on the other side. However, does this go both ways? That is, could you use Spirit 2 in the Near Umbra to affect something in the physical world in the same way? Would this make sense?


March 22nd, 2006

ngtmagicks @ 03:52 pm: Come, Come
Yes, I know the Watchtowers call to you. I have seen you in my dreams as well. You have the same look in your eyes as the girl over there, yes the goth, that far away look, a slight awakening that is the same as sleep.

I know, it must be strange, yet you man of mind and intellect, can't forget what you know. You saved my life, and I will help you till I cannot any more. You had the dreams before, I would not have felt you but that you have started into the Realms of Nightmares and found your way back. Not many do. Many lose they're way, and die. Or they have failed and they're bodies wasted away.

Wow, she is pretty. Demure and yet not afraid to use her experience and knowledge to lure you. Now, listen quick, look at her pale lithe form as I do. Allow the Mortis Sight that I know to be yours. Yes, you see it now. She doesn't breathe but to talk, she doesn't blink in time to anything alive. I know not what she is, I have ideas, but without my own path I cannot find out more.

The goth is looking at you again. I think she knows what you know about the girl, or something else has sparked her interest. Yes, you know she's more awake now as well as she does. Each of us can feel another when we do things, when we allow ourselves to be Awake.
Go with her, I won't distract you, the name she mentioned, I've heard it spoken kindly of before.

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February 19th, 2006

misanthropicbob @ 06:56 pm: [Texas]: Howdy Y'all!
I would just like to note that that is the last of the texas colloquialisms that I'll be using. Yes, I am from Texas, but no, I'm from Houston, and didn't see a cow or horse until about four years ago.


I'm a storyteller for a tabletop Awakening game.

The game is set in 1966, and the characters are Government agents (NSA Agents) playing in the Guardians of the Veil. I fashioned the idea as a mock up between X-files, Ghostbusters and Men In Black, rolled into the Mage Universe. There are five players, three girls, two guys and myself (Guy) and the Path spread runs something like this.

(All characters are considered Second Generation [Nationality])
Mastigos - Italian Dock Worker (Girl playing Guy)
Mastigos - Irish FBI Agent. (Girl Playing Guy)
Obrimos - German History Teacher (Guy)
Thrysus - Polonisian Doctor (Girl playing Girl)
Moros - Texan Deputy Sheriff. (Guy)

The premise of the game is to do what the Guardians do best. Police, capture and everything else.

The gimick of the game as I consider it, is that I've printed out documents that represent case files in a manilla folder, I also go through and planed out everything within the context of a normal game, so no matter what they do I should be alright. Their first game was a week ago (Monday the 13th) After everyone created characters, I set them out on the first mission. The whole of the premise is that they are entirely self sufficient in the idea that they are the ones who take the information provided and investigate, capture, destroy ect. Whatever needs to be done. (I'm not revealing the plot of the whole game in case my players find this)

I originally ran a different game (In the old system of mage) with three of the five players of mine and the Moros and Thyrsus are the two new players (I lost a player to college).

Other than that, I'd just like to give a what's up and such, letting people know that there are people there that actually love the new system.

Also, if anyone has any need for some game advice, or plot advice, my e-mail is Misanthropicbob@gmail.com and I'm always willing to help fellow storytellers.

Peace be with you.

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January 19th, 2006

benedict139 @ 08:25 pm: Online Rote Database
Hi, I am trying to start a Mage 2nd ed game.
But the Online Rote Database link on Anders Sandberg's age is down.

Where can I get another copy of it?
Please help.
I am new to LiveJournal



January 9th, 2006

etherlad @ 10:44 am: Scourge
Hey, all. This one's for Sorcerer's Crusade people.

I vaguely seem to recall a section in some book or other about Scourge... I believe it described some sort of magical battle, after which mages were forced to suffer the Scourge. Before this battle, Scourge (as magi knew it) didn't exist.

Or maybe the paragraph in question described the transition of Scourge to Paradox. It was a while ago, and my memory's fuzzy.

The point is that I have no idea where to find this passage, if it is indeed something which appeared in one of the books and not (as I'm starting to suspect) a figment of my imagination. Can anyone help point me in the right direction, or at least laugh at me for making something up?

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January 4th, 2006

cowboyghostie @ 10:08 am: Alright,

I'm armed with ideas. Now i need to put them into practice. I -know- the people i game with, if they smell something fishy systemwise they will raise all holy hell and i'm going to be a good Girl Scout and be prepared here.

Sure i could tweak the system but there are people i'd have to clear it with or at least explain it to before they have a cow and a half.

I know, i'm too diplomatic. It's working customer service, i swear, it's ruined me.. :P Anyways, feats that i've got to pull off:

Soul Snatching: Done in the way i wish requires Mind 5 and Spirit 5 and about 20 sucesses, contested and not being careful about damage. 30-40 if one IS being careful.

Recipe for a Heart Attack or Stroke: Requires Life 3 and possibly Corr 3(depending on circumstance) Causes a blood clot in the bloodstream on the way to organ of your choice. Quite an evil way to kill someone... and Coincidental to boot.

Reverse Defrag: Have not decided exactly how to do this. Could hook them up to a pure glamour feed, drive them into overload through creativity. Attach a chaos spirit to their mind, watch their thoughts break. Shove a gaggle of Preschoolers into their head, watch them drive him nuts. Or do the same with Constructs that seem to be preschoolers.. that's actually more feasable.

Hmmm... Thoughts?

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